Meetings & Activities

2016 Water Stewardship Members:

Mary MacKenzie                        Ellen Leslie
John Cox                                    Judith Lawrence
Ilze Raudzins                              Muggs Sigurgeirson
John and Cathy Howard            Rudy Rogalsky

Any one interested in participating in the Water Stewardship activities, please contact Ellen Leslie 250 335 3301

In 2014 it was decided that the Water Stewardship Project committee would suspend regular meetings, continue to communicate about water,  and come together to address important issues as they arise.

Current Activities:


In 2015 John Cox joined the Water Stewarship. In 2016 Hornby Island Community Economic  Enhancement  Corporation (HICEEC)  identified access to safe and adequate water as an important issue as population and development increases on Hornby. As a result, Water Stewardship members Ellen Leslie and John Cox are currently working on a joint committee with HICEEC to develop a Hornby Island Water Conservation and Protection Plan. This plan will include geological  research , guidelines and possible incentives for the wise use of current water resources, and ind investigation of potential infrastructure solutions.

The Water Stewardship booth at the Hornby Island Fall Fair in September proved very successful.We were able to talk to many islanders and visitors about water and the work we do.

In late September, Ellen Leslie attended Watersheds  2016 workshop on Building Capacity for Collaboration and Watershed Governance in British Columbia. Much was learned, many connections made and numerous new ideas developed.



Cycle Signs Project.

Water cycle sign at the Ditch

Water cycle sign at the Ditch

There are now two beautiful signs installed – one a the DePape ditch and one a the entrance to the Co-Op parking lot and  Gas Bar.

Updated laminated posters were made and sold at the Saturday market. More are available on request.

Mary and Ellen attended the local Islands Trust meeting and presented input to the proposed by-law changes regarding water.

A letter was sent to the Minister of Environment with comments on the proposed groundwater policies

Work is being carried on in summarizing the Water Stewardship activities since its inception and arranging to have it stored in the new archives building.

Ellen Leslie attended the Watershed 2014  conference (A Polis Project – in Duncan in January, where she gave a short presentation  of the work  WS does on Hornby.  She also gave a longer presentation at the Literary lunch at New Horizons, and plans to do another one at Heron Rocks ,’Under the Maple” program in summer.

A Septic System Workshop may be planned for late spring 2014, if organizers can be found. Garth Millan, and other septic specialists, still to be determined, would be giving presentations.

A WellSmart Workshop, presented by Catherine Black, and some of local experts,  may be repeated in Summer to allow off-island home owners to attend. The one held in October of 2013 was well attended, mostly by local home owners.

Preparations for a design for the Fire Department’s water tank at the De Pape Ditch Project  are taking  place in conjunction with the Arts Council and the School. The WS will be contributing to the cost of the painting.

To assist Elder Housing increase its water storage capacity WS will contribute financial support in obtaining another Water Reservoir Tank. The one tank already donated by the WS has proved to be insufficient.

Comments to the new Water  Sustainability Act will be submitted before the April 9, 2014 deadline.